Quansight is looking for entrepreneurs and investors interested in building businesses that leverage the power of open-source software and communities to develop cutting-edge data products and services. We believe there has never been a better time to invest in open source technology companies, especially in the areas of data engineering, data science, machine learning, or artificial intelligence.


We are creating a unique opportunity at Quansight to allow investors to tap in to our well-established connections to open-source communities, our significant customer relationships, and carefully curated strategic partners who share our vision. The same criteria our venture fund uses to evaluate prospective investments can also be used to understand what makes our venture story so compelling.



According to a recent study, Open Source Software (OSS) now comprises 57% of the world’s software (and growing) and is depended on by at least 96% of the world’s software (Synopsis, 2018). It is behind nearly all of the major technology transformations of the past 20+ years, and yet Quansight Initiate is one of only a few funds focused exclusively on open source technology.  Few teams have the depth of experience and connections to the open source community that we have built over many years.



Decades of combined open-source technology and commercialization experience help us not only identify the best investment targets, but also help entrepreneurs successfully organize and execute on the demand for innovative solutions to industry problems that leverage the power of open source communities.  Travis Oliphant (creator of NumPy, SciPy, Numba and a founder of Anaconda) is one of the early pioneers of modern AI/ML.  Travis and many of our team members have deep experience working with open source communities at scale (16M+ users and 1B+ downloads).  This experience attracts portfolio companies who can benefit from our unique expertise.



Open-source investment and incubation represent critical gaps in the market and the Quansight team is already well on its way to closing those gaps.  Our unique combination of a venture studio that supports open source projects and communities while also providing high-end data science and analytics consulting and services to large enterprise customers, combined with a laser focused venture fund, result in unique deal flow and commercialization opportunities.  The dozens of data scientists and technologists working for Quansight also means our portfolio companies have access to strategic resources and capabilities not available from many other venture partners.



We believe the best way for us to increase shareholder value is to not only help increase demand for open source technology, but also to create value for open source contributors.  Today, many companies leverage open source without giving back to the communities which enable their success.  We believe there is a better, more sustainable way.  Two Quansight spinout companies (OpenTeams and FairOSS) seek to facilitate better organization and monetization of open source projects and companies. The effect of open-source communities not being sustained by commercial opportunities is an inefficiency that represents Quansight's greatest opportunity.  Developers and engineers generally prefer working on open-source.  Whenever it can be connected to commercial opportunities, better outcomes emerge.



Our fund structure is similar to many other conventional venture funds.


For more information, please visit the Quansight Initiate website.




If you have an idea for a new business focused on open source software but you are not ready for investment, Quansight’s Entrepreneur in Residence program could be the opportunity you are looking for.


• Get employed by Quansight working at least part-time on paying projects. Work with our sales team to ensure the projects you work on are closely related to your underlying business. You own the IP for your business and its future. You own the direction and vision. We work to maintain IP separation of your day-job from your idea.

• Use the Quansight network (customers, partners, and communities) to test out your ideas and discover products that will sell. When the time is right, (usually 1-2 years but can be 6 months or 5 years) we create another company together with you (or your team) as founders and Quansight as a fractional owner. We help you raise the Series Seed or Series A necessary to fund your company (in some cases, we just fund it.)

• We then work with the new company as needed to help it grow and succeed
(partnering to provide resources like HR, finance, accounting, marketing, development, sales, etc.). We remain available as a partner for you through every phase of the company and can assist you with further introductions, strategy, hiring, and fund-raising.

If you think our Entrepreneur in Residence program could be the right way to get your business started, click CONNECT to tell us about yourself and your business idea.

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