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Quansight Staffing works with you to quickly find the right people for your unique needs.
Hiring the right people is difficult. Skills, experience, culture-fit, project-fit, and motivations all play a role. The right hires can make or break your organization and your projects. But long searches can take up valuable time and create delays.


We work with you to quickly find the right people for your role. We can work in a traditional Direct Hire method or with our Contract-to-Hire or Residency programs designed to quickly find the right talent at a time when these skills are rare and expensive.
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Your deadlines can't accommodate a protracted search but you don't want to hire someone permanently who may not have all the capabilities your team needs. A contract-to-hire arrangement can help with this situation. We assess your needs and find a candidate we believe will succeed in the role. We hire that candidate and assign them to work for your company on a contract basis. If at the end of the contract you are happy with our candidate, you can hire them permanently.

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You have identified the specific skills and experience you need to fill a position in your organization. You can take the time required to find the perfect fit and can afford a candidate with all the right skills and experience. We will use our extensive network to find candidates who meet your requirements. 


Connect with us to discuss the staffing program that is right for your organization

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Sky-high demand for data science, dev ops, or data engineering talent can mean that searches are long and ideal candidates can be expensive to hire. Our Residency program can help you end the talent drought. Like a medical residency, our residency program pairs a seasoned expert with new talent to provide the skills and experience you need. 


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