Remote Work Productivity

We can make sure your data team is ready to stay productive while working remotely with a set of recommendations from a Quansight Program Evaluation

Quansight works almost exclusively remotely in our own business and we have helped many other organizations equip their teams to effectively collaborate, discover, and deploy business insights from any location.

Our experience with technologies and workflows for distributed data science teams will allow us to quickly evaluate your program and make recommendations for improving distributed collaboration, compute performance, visualization, and automation.

Quansight has the knowledge and processes to evaluate your business needs and define the workflow to turn your data into valuable insights. We have provided expert advice to some of the largest and smallest organizations across a broad range of industries. There is no one size fits all in data science. Every data set is different and requires a different workflow to get the information required. Quansight does not have a product to sell; we look at all the available technologies and recommend the solution that will best deliver your business goals.

How it works

Quansight’s Data Science Needs Evaluation will be carried out by a team including two or more of our data science experts. The balance of the team will be various stakeholders from your company. We will follow a multi-step process to complete the evaluation: Interview, Prepare, Investigate, Report, Followup.


Phone interviews with your company’s stakeholders will give our experts insights into your business goals and existing data analysis to prepare for their onsite visit.


We will work with you to set up a baseline data analytics environment on your chosen servers to facilitate our investigation and provide an initial solution demonstration. All your data will remain safely on your systems. This environment will be yours after the evaluation as a demonstration of some of our recommendations and a starting point for your implementation of improvements.


Our experts will interview your team and explore your current data collection and analysis processes. They will conduct this exploration using the environment prepared for the investigation. This will create a leave-behind example solution for data collection and management.


The key findings of the investigation will be delivered as a report including an evaluation of the opportunities to gain valuable business insights, the data collection and management needed, and the analyses and team required to obtain the insights. The report will also include specific recommendations for the processes and skills required to implement the described data science programs and services offered by Quansight and our partners that could ensure a successful implementation.


Our report won't be the only deliverable from our evaluation. Our reference environment with remain with you as a demonstration of our recommendations and a starting point for implementing improvements. 

Follow up

For some companies, the evaluation report provides everything they need to establish their Data Science program. Others want help in configuration, staffing, training, and support. Quansight can partner with you on all your data science needs.

Stop wondering if your data science program is as good as it could be. Our Program Evaluation service will tell you where you are great and where you have opportunities to improve with a clear, practical roadmap for success.

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