Episode #38: Jupyter Book

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Featuring Developer: Chris Holdgraf

Episode #38

Air Date 20 March 2020

@12 PM Eastern

We will be joined by Chris Holdgraf, developer on the Jupyter Book project, who will tell us about the future of Jupyter Book. Jupyter Book is a guide and template for hosting your own book using Jupyter Notebooks and Jekyll.

Here are some highlights:

All course content is written in markdown and Jupyter Notebooks, stored in notebooks/

This site comes packaged with helper scripts to convert these into Jekyll pages (in scripts/)

Pages can have Binder or JupyterHub links automatically added for interactivity.

The website itself is based on Jekyll, and is highly extensible and can be freely-hosted on GitHub.

This repository comes with some sample textbook files from the Data 8 course for Data Science at UC Berkeley. You can update these materials and all site content with your own, and have a Jupyter-based textbook ready to go shortly!

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