Ep. 40: Fortran

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Featuring Developers: Ondřej Čertík and Milan Curcic

Episode #40

Air Date 17 April 2020

@12 PM Eastern

We will be joined by Ondřej Čertík and Milan Curcic, developers of Fortran, who will tell us about the future of Fortran. Fortran is a computer programming language that is extensively used in numerical, scientific computing. Although Fortran has declined in popularity over the years, it still has a strong user base with scientific programmers and is faithfully used by professionals in fields such as weather forecasting, financial trading, and engineering. Fortran programs can be highly optimized to run on high performance computers, and in general the language is suited to producing code where performance is important.

Fortran is a compiled language, or more specifically it is compiled ahead-of-time. In other words, you must perform a special step called compilation of your written code before you are able to run it on a computer. This is where Fortran differs from interpreted languages such as Python and R which run through an interpreter that executes the instructions directly, but at the cost of compute speed.

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