Spyder on Episode 1 of Open Source Directions Webinar Series

Quansight, the company recently founded by NumPy, SciPy and Anaconda creator Travis Oliphant to help connect companies with open source communities built around data science and machine learning, just released Episode 1 of its live webcast series, and it was all about Spyder! Spyder maintainer Carlos Córdoba, recently hired by Quansight and funded part-time to work on Spyder development as we announced a few weeks ago, was the featured guest on the show.

Carlos first shared his perspective on some of the key moments in Spyder's nearly 10-year development history, from its original creation by Pierre Raybaut and Carlos' initial involvement in the project to its more recent challenges and successes. He also demonstrated basic usage of Spyder, as well as some of its standout features, in a live on-screen demo. Carlos then went on to outline the current roadmap for Spyder 4 in the near future, and explained some of the key new features planned for it. Finally, he took the time to answer a variety of Spyder-related questions asked live by viewers, ranging from specific current and planned Spyder features to suggestions on keeping a good work-life balance. While technical difficulties (since identified and resolved) interrupted some of his commentary, particularly in the roadmap section, a full account of the latter will be published here shortly.

If you missed the webcast, Quansight recorded it and uploaded it to their new Youtube channel, so you can watch it on-demand right here if you're curious about any of the above. Give it a like if you enjoy it to show Quansight some love for helping support Spyder's further development!