Episode #32: Voila

Featuring Developers: Sylvain Corlay, Jeremy Tuloup, and Maarten Breddels

Episode #32

Air Date 08 November 2019

@12 PM Eastern

We will be joined by Sylvain Corlay, Jeremy Tuloup, and Maarten Breddels, developers on the Voila project, who will tell us about the future of Voila. Voila serves live Jupyter notebook including Jupyter interactive widgets.

Unlike the usual HTML-converted notebooks, each user connecting to the Voila tornado application gets a dedicated Jupyter kernel which can execute the callbacks to changes in Jupyter interactive widgets.

By default, voila disallows execute requests from the front-end, preventing execution of arbitrary code.

By defaults, voila runs with the strip_source option, which strips out the input cells from the rendered notebook.

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