Our Story

At Quansight we connect companies with communities of experts that build and maintain open-source software to help you organize and analyze your data. Software such as NumPy, Pandas, Arrow, XND, PyViz, Altair, Dask, Numba, Jupyter, Scikit-learn, Chainer, PyTorch, and Tensorflow delivers you the latest advances in software engineering, data management, data visualization, machine-learning, and artificial intelligence. Using open-source software is a powerful advantage and will save you millions of dollars when you let us help connect you with community to:

Prioritize your needs.

Hire from the best talent.

Maximize your support.

Minimize your risk of obsolescence.

Quansight works directly with open-source communities to ensure the software you rely on will continue to be innovative, maintained, and supported.

We are a world-wide, full-service, open-source organization with experienced engineers and architects who have deep ties to the community around Python and machine learning. We continue to innovate on the next great open source technologies while helping organizations and entrepreneurs build impactful solutions. Our management team at Quansight built Continuum Analytics and used that company to launch both NumFOCUS and Anaconda, Inc. Quansight now partners with Anaconda, NumFOCUS, and other technology providers to create powerful, connected solutions for you.

We consult with you to solve your data architecture, data engineering, data visualization, and data migration problems choosing from the latest open-source, cloud, and commercial technologies. We train the next generation of data experts and provide training and mentoring to your organization and help you find talent. We have an innovative research and development lab dedicated to array-oriented and data-oriented computing that helps provide stable employment to talented developers who continue the community-driven, open-source enthusiasm that has produced so much for the world. We have a small venture fund to encourage entrepreneurs in starting companies that are based on open-source and also give back to open source in meaningful ways.

Our Motivation

We do all of these things because we are committed to human progress and knowledge advancement. We believe open-source represents an important innovation in planetary cooperation that we continue to augment. We believe that open-source is the right foundation for commercial software and continue to invest in maintaining existing open source while also developing new ideas in open source communities. Commercial products, services, and solutions can and should be built on open source foundations. This happens best if 1) developers steeped in community practices also become deeply aware of company needs and 2) companies cooperate with open-source communities to coordinate plans and provide aligned incentives.

Quansight exists to ensure this connection happens using lessons learned from over 20 years in the business. To understand my personal commitment, it may help you to understand my history and motivations.

Science, Open Source, and Entrepreneurship

Twenty years ago this month I was a graduate student at the Mayo Clinic awaiting the birth of my third daughter. The year before I was searching for a way to write high-level analytics code to aid my biomedical imaging research and discovered Python with its nascent array package called Numeric. Now, a year later, I was staying up late after classes and work writing documentation for the UFunc object of Numeric. (The UFunc object provides fast compiled functions over N-dimensional arrays of data.) It was tedious work, but I found joy in understanding in detail how things worked and trying to explain it to save others' time while exercising my C/C++ knowledge. I was also in the middle of releasing my first Python extension called "numpyio" which enabled reading raw binary data directly into memory without first going through intermediate