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Vertalo and Quansight.jpeg

Quansight to Work With Vertalo

See the press release from Medium about the partnership between Quansight and Vertalo to provide greater digitalization of fund management. These efforts will help investing technologies keep pace with the rapid advances in the digital world. 


Quansight Labs Paper Published by Nature

This paper was published by 26 experts in the field of data science, among which are many Quansight employees and CEO Travis Oliphant. The paper focuses on Array programming with NumPy. 


Announcing the Consortium for Python Data API Standards

In an effort to defragment the ever-growing list of Python API libraries, a number of organizations including Quansight have come together to formalize an initiative to standardize API standards. To see the full announcement click the link below. 

Jupytercon 2020.png

Quansight Speaking at JupyterCon 2020

This year JupyterCon is going online, but as usual, will feature an all-star lineup of experts from the Pydata ecosystem. A number of speakers will be from Quansight and we look forward to participating as well as announcing a new open-source project. See the full list of speakers and times at the link below.