Our Services connect organizations and individuals who participate in the development and use of open source tools that turn data into valuable insights.


Building a Sustainable Open Source Economy for Creating Value with Data


Quansight was founded by Travis Oliphant. Travis is a well-known leader in the Python Data community having authored or led the creation of industry cornerstones such as NumPy, SciPy, Numba, Conda, XND, NumFOCUS, and PyData. Prior to Quansight, he founded Anaconda and established the industry standard platform for data science and machine learning. Quansight’s core team came out of Anaconda where they had developed business models that connect open source communities with companies that use their technology. Quansight’s services help their customers access the power open source technologies while sustaining the communities that create them.


Travis Oliphant
Founder, CEO/CTO
Matt Harward
Founder, CRO
Bradden Blair
Managing Partner, Quansight Initiate
Ashley Baal
Program Manager
Anthony Scopatz
Senior Community Manager
Pearu Peterson
Senior Software Engineer
Ralf Gommers
Director of Quansight Labs
Dharhas Pothina
Director of Consulting
Doug Pennock
Recruiting Director
Troy Bailey
Head of Marketing
David Charboneau
Senior Solution Architect
Jim Martino
Account Manager
Dhavide Aruliah
Training Lead
Arkady Krutkovich
Head of Capital Markets Practice


Nikita Vedeneev, is a PyTorch contributor with a background in applied mathematics and machine learning. He has a Master's degree in Computer Science from Saarland University (Germany) and he is a Machine Learning PhD student at the University of Chicago.
Pierre-Olivier has been a python enthusiast since 2008. Based in France, he teaches Python, SQL and Data Science at Strasbourg’s University and in Engineering Schools. He is the author of various data visualizations related to public transport and infrastructure.
As a UX/UI Designer with Quansight Labs, Isabela Presedo-Floyd brings an experience-centered approach to her work with open source projects and their communities. She likes to investigate questions around accessibility and privacy. She earned her B.F.A. in Art and Design/Graphic Design at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.
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We are accountable and
get things done.
We are willing to listen and to learn from others. We don’t have to be right.
We work as teams. We listen to each other and believe we do more together than alone.


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