Connect with Open Source

We help you build on Python, NumPy, SciPy, Jupyter, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Tensorflow, PyTorch, Chainer or other ML Frameworks 

We connect your company with open-source communities for direct project work, hiring needs, and shared research and development via Quansight Labs

Connect with open source communities built around Data Science and Machine Learning, tailored to your specific business requirements. Prioritize your needs, and attract the best talent, while receiving support SLAs and audits that dramatically reduce your exposure to open source risk.


Our Open Source Partnerships is a proven method of ensuring you get what you need from open source community activity while learning the best techniques for collaborative development on internal projects as well.   Learn how to lower your total research and development costs as well as your total cost of ownership by using the power of open source. 

Partnering with us provides you access to expert developers, release managers, maintainers, technical writers, as well as applied tools and techniques while ensuring your business needs are met. 

Sponsoring Quansight Labs enables to you to sustain the future of array-oriented and data-oriented computing and minimize your maintenance costs of the open source you rely on.

Connect with Your Data

Accelerate The Impact Of Your Ideas

We have decades of experience working with companies both large and small to help them make sense of their data.  We will help you optimize your teams and processes, while leveraging your legacy investments, to turn your data into actionable quantitative insights.

Our Story


Quansight was started by Travis Oliphant (NumPy, SciPy, Numba, Conda, XND, NumFOCUS, PyData). Travis is a well-known PyData community leader and founder of Continuum Analytics. Before Quansight, he and others who joined him at Quansight helped Continuum get started and develop into Anaconda Inc.  While creating a successful enterprise software company utilizing open source, our team at Quansight discovered business models that bridge open source communities with innovative companies and projects.


Quansight grew out of Anaconda in order to facilitate broad community-led innovation and development  in Machine-Learning and Data Science. We help our clients gain actionable, quantitative insights from their data, find and mentor talented engineers and scientists, and build technology, products, and services.  We help you connect with and sustain the open source communities you rely on. We are Quansight.

Example Clients

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